About the company

ANTRACIT is a Czech and Slovak development company focusing on individual solutions for their clients. The company’s portfolio includes logistics, production and administrative solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

ANTRACIT’s activities include the preparation of rental premises, from securing the area to handing over the premises to the final tenants, arranging the complete processes of project preparation, obtaining necessary permits and construction.


ANTRACIT Point Award BigSee

The concept of an architectural idea is based on addition of added cubic parts, but also partial “elimination” of matter in the corner of the 3rd floor and the corner of the superstructure 4thfloor. This “game” of added and removed square materials also allowed a combination interesting facade materials and colours. Addition and elimination create […]

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The ANTRACIT Senec development project is looking for tenants. In one of the most attractive logistics hubs in Slovakia near Senec, there is an industrial area with an area of 12,000 m2.

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Welcome to ANTRACIT Point Žilina, rented by its new tenant, TD motors. In addition to selling motorcycles and accessories, these motorcycle enthusiasts can help you modify your motorcycle and offer circuit rides and service for your two-wheeled pride and joy.

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Where you can find us

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Bytčianska cesta 499/130 010 03 Žilina Slovensko

Lihovarská 689/40A 718 00 Ostrava-Kunčičky Česká republika