The multifuncional house Václav will offer facilities in a unique location

Our new project, the Multifunctional House Václav, will soon come to life in the historic centre of Ostrava. The complex promises high-quality rental housing, attractive office and commercial spaces, and will thus replace an unsightly gap next to the church of St. Václav, long used as a parking lot.

“Ostrava residents are probably familiar with the Václav project, as the permit for this building has been sought for over 10 years. Now we are close to moving forward, a building permit has been issued, although not yet valid. However, we expect that the main construction, which will last approximately two and a half years, will begin within a few months. On the four original medieval plots along Kostelní and Strělniční streets stood the so-called Great Town Houses, which, according to archaeologists’ assumptions, formed the original core of the city and its initial development in the immediate vicinity of the church of St.Václav, which dates from the second half of the 13th century. We believe that our project will adequately reflect the historical significance of the location and will contribute to the further strengthening of the center of Ostrava, describes Zuzana Bajgarová, director of the international development group ANTRACIT for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The multifunctional building Václav will offer a total of 4,424 m2 of residential and commercial units and premium office space. Parking for tenants will be provided in underground garages with a capacity of 76 parking spaces. The surroundings of the house will also be transformed, as part of the project, the adjacent part of Pivovarská Street will be reconstructed.

The residential part of the project will offer for rent 16 apartment units of several types and sizes, including maisonettes with a terrace. Our goal is to join the portfolio of companies offering quality and long-term rental housing, which is lacking on our market. Commercial and office spaces will also be rented. We believe that this project will not be our only project of this type, adds Zuzana Bajgarová.

The author of the architectural study: Architectonic office ARKOS, s.r.o.
Visualization: Ondřej Sikula


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